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Basic Political Science Worksheet

Guest sboyelynn

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Guest sboyelynn



I am new to Homeschooling and new to the forums. My background is in teaching political science to college freshmen. As such, I wanted to create a very basic form for my son (does everyone use ds and for what does the "d" stand?) to use so that he could differentiate the various political systems we are studying.


My son is 9, technically in 4th, but working ahead in most areas. We started this year doing a melding of the Logical Phase Ancients and also using the Story of the World texts. It has been incredibly useful. I love the storytelling, the map work, and the timeline. From my perspective there was just one thing missing: political structures.


So, I added them. Below is a copy of the form he is using. The little rubric was originally developed by Aristotle (fitting in nicely with studying the Ancients), and the rest is meant to add some basic ideas. This really is meant for a nine year old, but I should say that entry level college students often see this way to parse out political systems for the first time in my classes... so, maybe it can translate up as well.


Anyway, I just wanted to log in, "meet" the community, and offer this tool.






Political Systems Worksheet



Time Period


Aristotle’s Political Regimes

# in Regime Public Interest/True Selfish/Perverted

One Kingship Tyranny

Few Aristocracy Oligarchy

Many Polity Democracy


How did the ruler gain office?

Inheritance Nomination Vote War


Is the government tied to the religious system?

Yes No In what way?

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