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teaching textbooks question

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Ok, so it is on a CD. Version 2.o has the automatic grading. Great. Problem is that he goes back and forth to his father's house. Sometimes he is there on a school day. Short of buying him a laptop to take back and forth (don't see that happening money wise), I'm trying to figure out how to make this work. My thought is that he will just have to install it on both computers, and when he is there he can print the gradebook showing what he got right and wrong and bring it home with him,and then I can input that into homeschool tracker and keep track of his grades that way?


Any other suggestions, or is that going to be the way to make this work?

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If you have a thumb drive or something similar you can copy the grade book back and forth between the computers. It involves just a few easy steps. TT tech support can walk you through it the first time. I have done it but it was so long ago I can't remember the exact steps. I do remember it was simple.


OMG, that is awesome! Thanks!

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