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Need new printer

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I am needing to get a new printer. We had one for color (hp) and one for black(brother),and the one for color has died. I would really like to get just one printer that will meet all our needs. We do a lot of printing.


So want:

color printing



print double sided

$200 or less


Any recommendations? Thanks!

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I have a Canon Pixma without fax. And it is great for many functions. I am also able to get a great deal on ink cartridges on Amazon.com So, I strongly suggest checking whatever you decide to go with on ink prices.

Amazon will also let you know if you purchase the printer from them on the ink pages if it is compatible. They will have a box on the page to let you know which ink is compatible. I love my printer and bought it on Amazon in 2011. Not any problems so far, except for my children being able to print too much wirelessly!


NEW! Canon Pixma MX712 Wireless Office All-in-One Inkjet Printer - Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax (5785B002) - NEW 2012/13 Model

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I was gonna get this when it was $89.99 but it sold out! :glare: The new price is not bad but I'm waiting, maybe someone will buy it for me for Christmas. haha.





****wanted to add: I just found this one. Looks great!


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We have a Brother MFC-490CW that does everything, but does not have auto duplexing. We also have the HL-2280, which is a b&w laser with auto duplexing, but no fax. Both are wifi and I can print from my phone, which is lovely.


I buy ink and toner from SuperMediaStore.com and they've been dirt cheap and very reliable for several years.

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We have a Brother model from Staples. Its not color but honestly, I don't print that much in color anyway. The printer was about $200 and ink is $85 but the starter cartridge has lasted almost 2 years. AND I print ALOT - like entire workbooks for DS online class. The printer is a 4-1 wireless. I love Staples and with the teacher card we are always getting coupons and rebates.



Similar to this



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