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Woodworking for DS6!!

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does anyone have any book suggestions or links to some projects that a 6 year old could do by himself or with the help of his 9 year old brother?? my dh could help too, but i really want some ideas that he could do completely independently. for the most part, i envision he would spend hours just hammering nails into wood or trying to use a hand saw.


we got him this kit for christmas:




and will be getting him some scrap wood, nails, screws, gloves.


anything else we should be getting with it?



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There are lots of wood craft kits out there (Timberdoodle has some, I think.) My ds at that age did a space rocket (sanding, glueing with wood glue and painting). He also worked on a pine wood derby car and made a small bird feeder.


Our library has some neat books on woodworking with kids but while I got them out from the library with good intentions, we never actually did any of the projects.

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Oh, that's a nice set.


My dh is a carpenter. About that age, dh started supplying ds with his own real tools. That kit seems to have the basics covered. I would probably add a pair of safety goggles too. Also a nice discussion on safety, that kit seems to have a lot of sharp tools.


Do you have a worktable at his height? Something like that would be great. A tool belt would be another great idea.

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