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Tablet ?s

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We're considering getting a tablet in the near future, but there are so many options out there it makes my head spin. iPads or android or now Windows 8 tablets. What's the pros & cons of each? I know iPads are all the rage, but we're not an apple family, except that my boys have iPods. All our computers work on Windows XP. (Yes, we're almost dinosaurs :tongue_smilie: ) Dh was visiting a friend on the weekend & came home raving about his iPad. Dh was very impressed with how his friend could read a book on it & was impressed with how photos showed up so clear. Our desktop computer is a 2004 Dell & we have two Acer Aspire 1 netbooks from 2008 for the kids' schooling. (Dd did all her university study with only a little netbook) The netbooks are faster than the desktop, so we'll need to up-grade to something soon & I'm leaning towards a tablet. We're not a gaming family, so games aren't important. What we want is something that we can surf the net, check emails, read ebooks, possibly listen to music & watch movies, manage our digital photos & do some word processing. I'm leaning towards the new Samsung ATIV Smart PC as it looks to be a tablet with a detachable keyboard base, so we'd have a tablet when we wanted & a netbook when we needed it. It works on windows, so hopefully wouldn't be such a big learning curve for us "old folks." Dh isn't very computer literate, so ease of use is very important. He is easily frustrated when things don't work as he thinks they should. We only up-grade about every decade, so I'd need something that isn't going to be out-of-date next year.



Samsung ATIV Smart PC (Windows 8) ???

Samsung Note 10.1 (Android 4.0) ???

iPad 3 ???

something else???


What do you suggest?



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The ipad 3 is awesome, but if you're using wifi I would spring for the ipad4 (the newest one) if possible. They've doubled the wifi speed on the ipad 4. I think they also bumped the processor.


If you can get to a store that has them, you'll decide on the tablets pretty quickly. The ipad is amazing, and at least for the types of apps we wanted there were WAY more itunes apples than android/google/whatever.

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