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If you were to make your kids a morning/evening checklist, what would you include?

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We're having some trouble getting our basic stuff done in the morning and getting our day started on time. I'm trying to create some simple checklists for the girls to help us knock out all the important elements.


So far, for the morning, I have:


Get dressed.

Brush hair.

Straighten bed.

Eat breakfast.

Take vitamins.

Clear dishes to sink or dishwasher.

Brush teeth.

Finish any leftover independent work.

Be at school table at 9:00.


For the evening, I have:


Get into PJs.

Lay out tomorrow's clothes.

Spend 10 minutes straightening up bedroom.

Put away any dirty clothes.

Brush teeth.

In bed by 8:30, lights out at 9:30.


I know that when I was thinking about this the other day, I had a few more things in mind, but now I can't remember what they were! Any other suggestions?



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Since you're having started getting started, I would suggest you have a certain time all of this begins. You've given a strict school start time but without more of a structured approach to the chores, you guys might falter on the follow-through. Just a thought. I myself don't have a schedule like that so I'm just sort of pulling from what I've read on this board over the years. :)


Ah, and part of tidying is clothes in the hamper, not on the floor.

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My ds's is a picture schedule and i walk him through it.


Am: diaper in trash, meds, breakfast, clean up breakfast, brush teeth, wash hands, wash face, get dressed, unload dishwasher, activity with mom, school.


Pm: set dinner table, eat dinner, wash hands, help with dinner dishes, play a board/card game, meds, take off clothes, put in hamper, take a bath or shower, dry off, brush teeth, read, music, sleep.


Dd's is worded a bit different.


Am: before school. Are you clean? (Meaning take a shower) Are your teeth brushed? Did you take your meds? Etc. It has all the steps to getting dressed, making her bed, and unloading the dishwasher if needed.


Pm: also worded like am chart. Eat dinner, clear table, help with dishes, play a board/card game, meds, read while mom helps ds, activity with mom (crochet, sewing, reading), pick out clothes for tomorrow, read in bed, lights out at 10. Eta: i forgot teeth brushing and a few others. I didnt have the charts in front of me.

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In the morning the checklist might say:


Get dressed

Clean litter box and sweep up any scattered litter

Wash hands afterward

Eat Breakfast

Brush Hair

Brush Teeth

Put on lotion (she has eczema)

Put on deodorant

Unload dishwasher

Make sure table is clear/clean for working at


In the evening it might say:



Brush teeth

Put on lotion

Make sure humidifier is filled (this helps with eczema)


Anything else such as schoolwork or if I want somebody to do an extra chore such as taking out the garbage or bringing down their laundry or the litterbox needs an extra cleaning or some such, I just ask them to do it when I want them to do it as it comes up.


Usually I just do checklists if I'm exceptionally busy or have to run errands or go to an appointment or something and won't be on hand to keep reminding or asking "Did you do this, that, etc." and sometimes if I'll be gone for a bit, like at the dr or something, it might include a few school things I feel she can do independently.

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