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Realigning myself

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I wore my new athletic shoes again today. We took them on a walk at the mall. The good news is that my feet did not hurt badly today and I won't have to get new shoes again. But my poor muscles (which are very sensitive due to medical reasons) are having to get used to them. The scan they did on my feet prior to buying these shoes showed all my weight on my heels. These shoes give good heel support and tip my weight forward. I can sure feel it in all the muscles in the front of my legs!

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My dd18 took me on the equivalent of 3 walks today! I haven't walked much because it has been too hot, then dd started college and hasn't had time, she is my walking buddy. (She was burning off stress and I eagerly went with her...) So we can be sore together..... I am about to head to soak my sore muscles in a hot shower. Hopefully we will be able to move tomorrow!

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