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leaky cyst?

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My 14yo started feeling awful pretty suddenly yesterday evening. She had felt kind of bloated and mildly crampy a couple of times during the day, so she thought her period might be starting that day (mine started a few days ago).


About 6:40pm, she suddenly started to have burning slashing pain in her pelvic area. If she sat down, it would stop, but as soon as she moved, it would come back. Standing up or walking was nightmarish for her.


I got her to the urgent care place just 5 minutes before closing (closes at 7pm).


They had her give a urine sample and they did find bacteria, so the doctor prescribed antibiotics, pain killers, and another med that is supposed to make going to the bathroom less urgent.


He was pretty sure that she actually had a leaky ovarian cyst rather than just a UTI. He said the treatment would actually be pretty much the same, antibiotics, painkillers, and bedrest.


He sent the sample off for a culture, but that won't be back until

Tuesday or Wednesday.


If they had an ultrasound at the urgent care facility, he would have done one, because you can SEE a cyst with the ultrasound.


He did say to take her to the ER if the pain got more intense or she started vomiting or spiking a fever and that she should follow up with her regular doctor on Monday.


She hasn't taken any pain meds today because the pain just isn't there (and she has VERY low pain tolerance), so that's good. She has continued taking the antibiotics and the other med too.


I have had a ruptured ovarian cyst before and it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I was on painkillers for a full week and could barely walk.


I'm hoping that today continues well. Maybe it is just a UTI. That will be a relief. I wouldn't wish an ovarian cyst on my worst enemy.


Has anybody else had experience with a "leaky" cyst?

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We went back to the doctor this morning because the pain hasn't really improved. Preliminary results are back in from the urine culture and apparently it's a bad bladder infection. The Bactrim hasn't done anything to knock it down, so the doctor prescribed Cipro. She had already had her morning dose of Bactrim and I was afraid to give her the Cipro at night, so we're waiting until morning for her first dose of Cipro. My dd already has joint pain issues, so Cipro worries me. She's only supposed to take it for three days though.

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