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I'm going to be a Grandma!

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Congrats!!! My mom was almost 42 when I made her a grandma. Mil was 45. Mil is a fabulous grandma. My grandma is only 75. The coolest part of being a young grandma is knowing you will be around to be a cool great-grandma. Enjoy your new little squishy grandbaby!!!

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Congrats!! How exciting!!


I'm a young(ish) grandma too, and it's so much fun. Our little guy is 16 months old now and has just started saying "Mum!" to refer to his mama or me (or any adult woman ;)). He and I were out at Target the other day and he kept shouting, "Mum!" as he pointed excitedly at things on the shelves. I got some mildly shocked, disapproving glances from other shoppers, lol - because I'm not THAT young. :lol:


Grandpa and I have already started itching for him to be old enough that we can take him to do all those fun "kid" things. Don't get me wrong, he's a busy little guy that still wears us out, heh, but we're still young and active enough that I think we could handle an afternoon at the Children's Museum.


Enjoy that new baby!!

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Thank you everyone. It's so wonderful to see other young grandmas here!


I don't know what I'm going to be called. It is something I should consider since whatever the name is will be it for the rest of my life! I was thinking of starting a new thread "Grandma names idea". One of my grandma's was "Nana", but I don't really feel ready to take that title. My other grandma's title was "MeeMee" which a friend referred to as a "Poodle name" :D Ack!

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My mom had three grandchildren before she turned 50 (but she was a mom before she was 22), and she's been having a great time (now she has eight grandchildren). She still has some energy to play with them and do fun stuff with them (it helps that my dad is mostly retired now, so they have a fair amount of free time to visit us). My kids will have many years of memories of their grandparents.


Congratulations -- enjoy grandmahood!!!

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