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ear infections and flying

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my friend told me her son GOT an ear infection from flying to Disney a couple years ago. She said he didn't have one in a very long time...and all of a sudden he had one...she blames the airplane flight.


My question is: can flying CAUSE an ear infection...or did he already have one and she just didn't know it...and flying made it worse??


the reason I ask is that my boys WERE prone to ear infections years ago...but hasn't had one in a VERY long time...and since they have never flown, I don't need to be worried, right?? I will have gum for each of the kids to chew..so that is covered...but now I am worrying about nothing, right???

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I don't know if it can cause it, but when I was 11, I flew NY to IN alone (2 layovers). After the first layover, I got horrible pain in my ear and the next day doc said I had an ear infection. I did get them chronically, but I think the pressure changes really exacerbated the fluid in my ear. It weakened it, too, IMHO. About two months later, it ruptured at the pool and did not heal-I had to have surgery. I think for me, it was my crummy ears to begin with, though.

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Worrying about nothing. You can get sick in a plane just like you can get sick in a bus or in a store or at church. Maybe he picked up an ear infection on the plane, or in the airport, or at Disney, or already had it.


DD is very prone to ear infections but has never gotten one from a flight.


(We've flown at least 30 times since DD was born, many of them international flights.)

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Airplanes and airports are pretty germy places. I bring hand sanitizer and treat the whole place like it's contaminated--and I'm not a germophobe.


I've just had kids get sick every time we fly except for the time everyone was freaked out about swine flu, and we all packed hand wipes and sanitizer gel.

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