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Mama brag...

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I have had my hands full with four sick kiddos since Monday, dd10, ds6, ds6, and dd5. Ds8 has remained healthy. Dh had to go out of town on from Tuesday until Thursday night. The timing stunk, but it was to be his last trip for work for quite a while.


Ds6 and dd5 rebounded fairly quickly and were pretty functional by Wednesday afternoon. It looked like all would be well. Wednesday night, our other 6 year old son, who is severely asthmatic, took a turn for the worse. I was up all night with him, doing breathing treatments, checking his pulse-ox, and praying that he would be ok at home through the night. Dd10 was also sleeping in the living room because she was so miserable, achy, and feverish that she didn't want to be away from me. Did I mention that by this point I was also hideously sick and could barely function? I finally crawled into bed to try to sleep for a few minutes at about 7:00am. A few minutes later, I heard ds8 (healthy) go outside with ds6 (the one who was already recuperating well) to take care of the sheep, goats, and chickens. All by themselves. Without my asking. I cried.


They helped to take care of me and their sicker siblings all day until their daddy got home that night. They tiptoed around the house, letting me rest, watching out for their little sister. I still dragged my butt out of bed to make them lunch, dole out meds, and check on sick ds6 and dd10, but my little guys did everything else.


I love my family.

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Thanks! DD10 and I got hit the worst. I am praying to be up and around tomorrow. Headache and upset tummy are keeping us from moving too far too quickly.


Dh has been a trooper too, since he got home on Thursday night. Running errands, preparing meals, attempting to keep things relatively clean.


I'm just not looking forward to conquering the mountain of laundry I know is waiting for me. :tongue_smilie:

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