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Are you or your husband a Welder?.....

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Does anyone have any experience here? Help :)

My son wants to pursue this field, but he thinks apprenticing will get him the same place as will schooling. His father and I disagree. Any of you/ your husbands in this line of work? What has been your experience? Are your chances of a higher paying job better if you go to school or does it even matter? We want to get some objective information to present to him. We will go to speak to some different school, but I don't know how objective they will be.


Thank you!



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We looked into this a little bit last year. We have some friends that are welders at a large farm equipment manufacturing plant near here. I believe what I came away with is it is mostly about experience (in other words- hours welding). For some, school is the only way to get the experience they need to get a foot in the door for a job.


The manufacturing plant does their own training, so no experience is needed to get hired. But there is a lot of competition for entry level jobs right now. One of our friend's sons was hired there recently at $17/hour. There was a local homeschool dad that had done a welding class in his garage for some of the kids. This very likely was the foot in the door for this young man.


I know that if you want to advance past a "team leader" position in this plant, you do need a degree, but not a welding degree! We have a friend that was pursuing the AA in Business at our local cc.


Does he have somewhere that he wants to work, or is he just interested in general?



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