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If you have more than 1 child and do lesson plans, do you do them separately or together?


I have K, 2nd, & 3rd graders this year and can't decide which to do. We do Bible and an Opening Time together, 2 of them do History & Science together.

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I have 6th, 4th, and 1st. This year I tried to figure out how to separate them for various subjects, but decided I just wasn't ready to alter my schedule that much. So, here's what we do:


*Latin with 6th and 4th, while I also do spelling (AAS) with 1st

*Math individually; the other two are either working on workbook assignment following their lesson or individual work (Phonetic Zoo for older two, HWoT for younger, quiet reading, playing/reading with dd)

*Literature/Religion all together (current novel, fairy/folk tales, Bible/Saints stories, etc.)

*Writing is done separately; again, I try to employ individual work/interact with sister during this time, but each boy is at a different place/need that I want to make sure they are getting individualized instruction

*Electives (geography, history, science, nature, art) we tend to do these all together. I was going to try to keep them separated, but it's honestly too much stress on me and I think they do better being able to bounce ideas off each other.

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Mine are 6th, 5th and Pre-K this year.


When my children were younger I kept them together. It was a more gentle learning together. A few years ago I started to plan their work individually. They still do writing together and that seems to work well as they both bring their strengths and challenge the other to build up their weaknesses.


I noticed that when I had them together in other subjects they started to rely on one another's strengths a little too much for my liking. Also, the younger child started to feel like he wasn't as smart. That also coincided with our new baby and the picture changed. Suddenly, separate lesson plans made more sense.


I loved our years of learning together. I am glad we did it that way for as long as it worked.


I think we'll go back to learning Science together but realistically, in the other subjects, they are working at different levels and are better off with their own plans- for now!


If I have learned nothing else in homeschooling it is to be flexible and NEVER think that I have things figured out for ever after.

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Both, and by subject, too.


My "middle crew" are second and fourth graders this year, and there's a preschool tag-along wherever she can get her little nose in. (And two upper logic stage kids I mostly left out of this post.)

-Grammar, spelling, writing: scheduled separately for each child, across a grid so I can see if a writing lesson in the grammar book is going to overlap with a regular writing lesson

-phonics for the little one: just do what's next

-Math: no schedule needed, just do the next lesson, daily

-Literature/reading: no schedule, just read for X minutes from a book you choose on the shelf mom stacked with quality literature for you

-Latin: scheduled separately for each child

-History: one schedule for both kids

-Science: one schedule for both kids

-Bible: just do what's next, for both kids

-Poetry and geography: one schedule, for both kids, but poetry writing assignments are individualized


I make those schedules in 6 week blocks, and I keep them all in a "master binder" that has dividers for each kid and each combined subject. Then I compile a week's worth of those lessons into my master planner, an Elan W101 plan book, which only gets scheduled out one week in advance. The unscheduled lessons get added at this point (math lesson numbers, titles of the books they're reading, and such). That plan book stays out in our schooling area all the time, open to the current week. My logic stage kids can use it to fill out their personal planners, and it makes one big checklist for everyone. When an assignment is completed we draw a line through it.

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I have the same combination (K, 2, 3) and we plan a lot together for the 2nd and 3rd grade. Dd5 comes along, too.





Social Science (maps, activities)



Logic (though sometimes we switch that up for ds)


Reading (they both read well and can often read the same books and that helps)






I will add that I don't always expect the same output for dd7 and ds9. Obviously that is true for dd5 also.


Just wanted to add that I'm a first year homeschooler, so I'm still learning, too.

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Mine are 1st, Jr. K, and Pre-K (6, 4 & 3)


We pretty much do all of our subjects together.

We're doing a year of world geography/mapping before we start the history cycle mostly because, since I plan to keep them studying together, I wanted to give the younger 2 an extra year to have a better grasp on the history concepts next year.


Science, French, nature study, art/music.. are all done together. I supplement with age/skill-appropriate extras, but I found it easier to schedule subjects knowing that they're all together rather than, "okay, G needs me for French, so I'll have R do _______ because he can do that on his own." I like this also because since we're all learning the same thing, I can have them all do the same (or a group) project.


I don't expect my 3 year old to understand everything we do, but he's learning regardless, and has picked up on some things.


I think the only things they do separately are math, writing, and language.

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I have to keep my kids seperate in almost everthing. Neither one can focus with the other around. We will combine science if it includes a nature walk or such. Like this week, DS needed to track animals and DD needed to find a friend tree and name it. We did this on the same walk.

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I keep one plan book for me. I actually make it on the computer using Pages (Word would work the same), print it two sided and comb bind it. That way I can not only customize it for the number of weeks we do school (roughly 40) but I can also add as many "subjects" as I need to. That way I can have a subject row for "literature" as we do that together, but I can also have three for math - ds#1 math, ds#2 math, and ds#3 math. I can also just have one called "electives" and fill in the different subject for each day.


This year we are playing with the idea of ds11 having his own student planner; I have dropped that for the last few weeks but I think we're going to start it again. Basically on Sunday evening, I write down his assignments and label them 'I' for independent, 'M' for needing mom, and * for those things we do together. That way he can scan his day, get a good idea of what's expected of him, and also know what he can do by himself while waiting for group work/instruction.


Hope that helps. :)

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Thank you for replying, MyLittleWonders.

I was thinking of my daily log I need to keep for them. I only have to keep one for the 9 yo this year for our state, but I like to keep one for all of them, though, for memories and to see where we're going.


I was wondering what works best for others-- use one log for all, or separate ones? The thing about separate ones is I have to re-write the things we do together. The thing about all in one is that it gets really crammed on one page and some get their work done for the day and one might not.


Ummm, who are you??? Your name is PamT and you mention a 9yo and other children. The original poster is called Pam and has a 9yo and other children...

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Ummm, who are you??? Your name is PamT and you mention a 9yo and other children. The original poster is called Pam and has a 9yo and other children...

They are both me. What a mess! My name is PamT on another board and I had it on this board years ago. I will probably get banned for this, but I want it all up front. I am at family's and was using another pc because mine was being used. When I signed in to respond, I used the old name not realizing what I did. I can't believe I even got the password right to sign in. I don't know what it is even now! I didn't even remember that I had that name on this board. It must have been with a different email address. I am not trying any funny businness here. It was all an honest mistake. I hope it all makes sense. I was wondering where my response to the first responder went, and now I know.




Just a homeschool mom trying to get advise...not trying to cause trouble! :001_smile:

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