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6th grade grammar- After FLL 4


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OK, I think I will transition to Hake 5 now then.


I have never seen it though! My girls really like and need the spiral approach though.


What about the writing? Is it solid and clear? Too much as far as WTM goes? What do you think?



There is not much writing.


The lesson starts with two vocab words at the top. Here I'll give you a sample...


Lesson 1 The sentence: Two Parts

vocab with definitions - essential and nonessential


then it defines a sentence as group of words expressing a complete thought.


Gives several examples


Talks about the 1. subject 2. predicate with examples and underlined subjects and predicates.


Next page write the predicat of these sentences


draw a line between subject/predicate


write the subject of these sentences


Then it ends with a review set.


Choose the words to complete the sentences 1-8

1. Water and sunshine are (essential,nonessential) for growing pine trees.


Several sentences to follow including choose the right word subject/predicate and to remember parts of the sentence definitions.


Write the subject of sentences 9-12

write the predicate of sentences 13-16

Sentences 17-25 draw a vertical line between the subject/predicate.


The lessons all follow this format. We were used to the script of FLL and hand holding so at first I would sit for a few minutes and just read through the new definition with him, then tell him to just follow instructions throughout.


Hope that helps a bit.

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