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Cool spottings for my boys - military helos

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We live in small town Indiana. We do have a Nat'l Guard base about 30 minutes north and the boys like to rubberneck at the painted up old planes they have out on display. Occasionally we will hear a Guard jet or military aircraft of some sort and we love to spot them. Within the last few hours we've seen a few large (but normal looking) helicopters and 3 of those cool looking ones (that seriously I only see on TV) with blades on the front and back and they are really long.


They were really low flying, so we headed outside to jump and down and wave like fools to them, just for fun.


I wonder if they are being moved around because of the storm coming on the east coast, or maybe something to do with a presidential candidate visiting Ohio soon I heard? Who knows. But interesting for us!

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