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If you've been thinking about an ipad...

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If you've been thinking about an ipad, the ipad 3 refurb is now $379. That makes it just $50 more than a new ipad mini. The new ipad 4 (what they'll be selling because the ipad3 has been discontinued) is $499. So if you're looking for a deal, the ipad 3 is a great value. The ipad2, which they're keeping as their budget/school model, is actually $399 new. So for this brief time while they're clearancing the ipad3, you can actually get it for LESS than the ipad 2. If you've been wanting one and needed a deal, now is definitely the time! http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals/ipad


I try to follow macrumors and keep up, but somehow the logic of all this had totally escaped me. So for anyone else who hadn't figured that out, there's your public service announcement. :)

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Well there's another way of thinking about it! The processor is better in the ipad3, and the screen is radically better (personal opinion). I got my imac refurb through apple and have never had a lick of problems. I think the ipods are just prone to problems. And on these refurb ipad 3, I think some of them are going to turn out to be brand new. They aren't selling the ipad3 in the new store, are they? I just looked again and I don't think they are. That means all their ipad3 stock (if I'm understanding it correctly) is in the refurb store. Means many of those puppies will be brand new! That's not crazy to think that, because I've seen posts on macrumors to that effect, that apple uses the refurb store to sell off overstock and that sometimes items are brand new.

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