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Prayer request for students injured

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In a small town about an hour from me a minivan crashed into a school. 8 students hurt, 3 of which were pinned underneath it after it crashed through the chainlink fence and landed in their below ground classroom. 2 of the 6th graders are listed in critical condition.


Can you imagine sending your kids to school in the morning and then getting a phone call that your child was hit by a car...while sitting in their classroom.

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Driver still in custody, no charges yet pending full investigation. Looks like he was speeding down an alley that dead ends at the road right in front of the school. He blew across that road, through the fence and into the yard. There was a light snow going on so the investigators are having a hard time determining speed, they say the scene deteriorated too quickly, but I would think if he had hit the brakes and left skid marks a light snow would not get rid of those so instantly. SOunds like there was little to no skid marks to me. They are waiting on tox screens to comes back and asking for witnesses to come forward.


The 2 kids in critical condition have been upgraded to critical but stable condition, whereas last night both were fighting for their lives. The 3 that were airlifted remain in the stollery children's hospital. Which really is the best place for them to be.


What a nightmare. Nothing you can possibly prepare for when you send your kids you kids to school.

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One of the children that had been pinned under the vehicle has died in the children's hospital. Driver has been charged with reckless driving causing bodily harm, possession of an illegal substance and resisting arrest. I suspect he will also be charged with vehicular manslaughter now that that little girl has died. They are still waiting on tox screens to determine if he was under the influence. They have also not determined if speed was a factor, so more charges could still be coming.


Rest in Peace little one.

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