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Computerized vision therapy?


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I pretty much ruled out the computer one. I am calling around. I did find a doctor who actually does the therapy for not less than the quote that I had. But he thinks 6 months.


Is a year simply too long to ballpark from the start?


Look, NOBODY can give you a quote over the phone. Your dc has retained primitive reflexes (from what you said). I think there are some other diagnoses that are going on there too where you're just not catching all the terms. So the first doc who told you a year has actually SEEN your kid, worked with him, and, knowing his approach, gave you a quote. Another doctor will have a totally different approach. I don't think at this point you even realize HOW different these docs could be. It's not like you're comparing apples to apples. You could like the first doc, try a new one, and realize he doesn't have nearly the same approach, meaning you're unhappy. I wouldn't change when you're happy with the first one and his knowledge in meeting your dc's needs.


To me, when I read your response to me in the other thread, my take was that you listed a whole bunch more things than you listed initially. Initially you only mentioned convergence insufficiency. Now you're throwing in retained primitive reflexes (which themselves can take quite a while to integrate, and then you have to build on those) AND some other labels you don't seem to have the correct names for. So MY two cents and what I would do in your shoes is stick with the guy you've got *because he's certified* and *because he's giving you a realistic quote for the expanded list of what is going on*. I think what he's doing is being straight with you.


What I would be *leery* of is paying a ton of money upfront. As long as you don't do that, I think you're going to be ok. :)

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