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Does anyone else have a fall slump?

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For the 3rd year in a row, I'm finding myself feeling just plain overloaded and stressed right now. The last two years, I blamed it on working while homeschooling-and finally ended up quitting my job last November. But this year, I'm just homeschooling. I always move to schooling lightly (and counting holiday prep as school where appropriate-since we school all-year round at some level, it doesn't feel bad to count baking cookies or singing at a Nursing home as school for a couple of weeks) after Thanksgiving, but now I'm wondering if I need to do so starting at Halloween!


Next week we have


Birthday party on Sunday for one of DD's friends

Co-op halloween party

Monthly Latin Club (that I lead)

Halloween and everything that comes with it

Field trip for a Nature Hike

DH's Company "Family Picnic"


Plus the usual church, co-op dance classes, DD's online class, and her science lab class


The week after that


Monthly Lego club (at my house)

Field trip to the Comic and Fantasy convention

Annual winter dance at DD's dance studio (fundraiser for the competitive teams).



and all the regular stuff


Week after that


Co-op Thanksgiving luncheon and kid's craft fair

Mythology club

Homeschool Spelling Bee

DD's birthday party


And then my parents arrive for Thanksgiving-no regular activities for a week, but two extra people in the house, plus a meal to prepare, plus DD's actual birthday!


Honestly, I'm feeling that if I make it to Thanksgiving, I'll be in great shape!


There are some things we can drop out of-for example, DD could not do the dance at her studio this year, but for the most part, everything on the list is something she WANTS to do and that, when we signed up for it back a couple of months ago (for the Comic-con field trip, we signed up last SPRING), sounded great. But now I'm feeling overloaded.

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well, honestly, I've had to learn to tell my kids no. Even if they enjoy doing the activities, it takes a tremendous amount of energy for me to keep up with driving, managing, squeezing in school and housework wherever.


I kind of look at it like, I am a member of the family too. If I am getting overwhelmed and burnt out, even if the kids aren't then I deserve to figure out a way to preserve my sanity.


Is there any way that someone else can help you with shuttling people to different places? Another mom, your relatives, your dh....anyone? I've had to tell my dd several times "You can only go to that activity if you can get a ride. I'll be glad to pick you and anyone else you rode with up from the activity, but I can't pick up and drop off. It's too much." (we live 20 minutes from most of our activities)


We take summers off (we farm so it is nonnegotiable) so school is the priority in the school year.


You need to find a way to make it all workable, If school-lite is the answer, then you officially have my permission to do so! :)

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This is our first year homeschooling, but I think I'm definitely in a slump...already! I think we'll definitely be a school year 'round family, because I have a feeling I will need to accomodate some slumps here and there.


I am blaming my slump on nasty early pregnancy ickies and the fact that I work full time. I do work 90% from home, but I am still trying to figure out how to balance a busy work schedule with stressful deadlines with getting everything done with our homeschool. Apparently planning everything to death is the answer, but I have a hard time with planning. I think once I get into the habit of more efficient planning, we'll be ok.

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one other thing that I do to help avoid burning out, is that I look at my calendar before committing. If I have 2 out of the house activities (we attend church 2 services Sundays and Wednesday Bible study/Awana's; those are givens, I don't count those as extras) in one week, I don't add anything else to the week. doesn't matter how amazing the activity is, If I leave the house for more than 2 afternoons a week, I get worn down quickly.


Sometimes I slip up and get too busy, and regret it.

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I started feeling a little overloaded last month when we had three weekends in a row completely taken up by Rebecca's gymnastics events. It coincided with a celebration for the end of a country trip in our curriculum, so I had to make cookies and some Mexican food on the same day. Plus I had to bring cupcakes to AHG for the second time in as many months.


We have had two meets this month, two next month, and then States in December. The meet last week was a 3 hour drive away. Next week is AHG on Tuesday, Halloween on Wed., a doctor's appointment Friday, and then a meet Saturday or Sunday, again 3 hours away. Oh yeah, and another end of country celebration involving lots of cooking. :svengo:


Another meet 2-3 hours away two weeks later (probably with ANOTHER "celebration" that week!), we're staying the weekend to visit the space center. Next week, Thanksgiving, including different practice days for Rebecca. Throughout November, on non-meet weekends, she'll have practice on Saturdays in addition to M, T, Th. And don't even get me started on the messed up practice schedule for December. When Sylvia will have her choir concert and dress rehearsal. Which DH and Becca will miss because of Becca's gymnastics - it's the week of States and she can't miss.


Um, call me in January? :willy_nilly:

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It seems like we do every year. It normally starts around this time and runs until after Christmas. We also seem to consistently struggle in Feb & March every year. It's one of the reasons I decided to do year round schooling. We actually seem to have less commitments in the summer and are more relaxed. Plus my mom works out of town and is usually only in town for about 6 weeks at the end of the year. Last year I counted her spending time with dd working in holiday prep as art/craft time that I'm usually not getting around to anyway. She did a year's worth in those 6 weeks and very little school (mostly just math and a little grammar here and there).


This year we took more time off in the summer due to travel and a house move so I'm trying to push through a little longer in anticipation of needing a good break in Feb/March to give birth, recover and then adjust to having an infant again after 7 years.


My dh keeps reminding me that dd is many years ahead in schoolwork and that I should stop worrying because getting less done is not going to cause any long term issues. I think that applies in your situation as well.

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YES! October - December are busy around here. Currently I'm avoiding it and wasting time on here. :D


I don't have any advice, just agreeing with you. We can't really stop any of our commitments because they've already been made. I have been trying to decline some in invitations to fall parties and activities, but it's hard when most of them seem to be people we're close too or something my kids really want to do. I wish we could just take that as our 3 month vacation but our summer is busy too. :glare: So we school year round and take light days when needed.

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