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X-posted: Abeka 7 or 8 before KB Pre-Algebra?

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No responses from the K-8 board, perhaps some of you guys have some BTDT experience?


I'm planning on having oldest dd (young 6th grader) go to Kinetic Books Pre-Algebra eventually, but think she might need another year of arithmetic after she completes Abeka 6. She understands most concepts well (except for fractional percentages: 1 1/2% of 100, for example), but still makes simple computational errors (aka silly mistakes).


For those who have used Abeka 7 and/or 8, what do you think? Which one is a better bridge to Kinetic Books Pre-Algebra (which I've read is pretty rigorous)? (Or, if you think she might be able to go directly to KB Pre-Algebra, why?)

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