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"More people are born on Tuesday than any other day of the week."

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Ds read this in National Geographic Kids, and I found it hard to believe that there would be one day of the week with more births than another day, but it is true in our family. Dh, 3 of my 4 dc, and I are all born on a Tuesday. I'm just curious if this rings true in other families. If you're not sure what day of the week someone's birthday falls on, you can go to this web site to create a calendar for any year and check.

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Hubby - Thursday

Me - Wednesday

Oldest - Wednesday

Middle - Thursday

Youngest - Tuesday


I guess that's why we quit... we finally had our Tuesday child! We didn't think about it at the time.


Incidentally, the only one "scheduled" was my Tuesday baby - not a C section, but an induction. All the rest of us came with our own timing.

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I was born on a Tuesday (naturally). James Bond was born on a Wed, Indy on Thurs and Han Solo on Mon.


I can kind of see why, in modern ties at least, Tues is the most popular day. Aside from c-sections, a lot of women who are overdue go into the hospital on Mon to get induced and I can see it taking until at least the early hours of Tues for the babies to be born. Two of my friends and one of my cousins were all induced on Mon, and none of their kids came until after midnight, so they were Tues babies.

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Seven people in our house, and only one born on a Tuesday (oldest DS)! He was a c/s, but it was an emergency, not scheduled, so I don't think that applies. And the other four were also born via c/s, as was I...no Tuesdays there.


Now that I think about it, DH was the only one in the house that wasn't a c/s...weird!

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In our family we have a few Tuesday birthdays!


DH- Monday (no induction/c-section)

Me- Sunday (spontaneous labor, emergency c-section)

DS1- Thursday (no induction/c-section)

DS2- Tuesday (no induction/c-section)

DS3- Tuesday (no induction/c-section)

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My mother, my sister, my BIL (sister's husband), and I were born on Fridays.

My DH was born on a Thursday.

My two best friends (twins) were born on a Tuesday.

My dad was born on a Wednesday.

My MIL was born on a Saturday.


I always forget my BIL's and SIL's exact birth dates because my DH, BIL, and SIL all have birthdays within days of each other.


Friday seems most popular within my family though :001_smile:

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Inductions do tend to start on a monday and end on a tuesday.


That said, in odd coincidences, my last two kids were both born on wednesdays, and both at 41 weeks 5 days. Wish I'd known they would be so predictable! (first, different father, was 38 weeks 2 days, and a Friday)

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