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Prayers for my appt. with my high risk OB

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I finally got the appointment with the high risk OB on Nov. 2. They will do the 1st trimester screenings and the consult telling me all the dangers of being diabetic and pregnant. I love the high risk OB because I get monthly sonograms. That helps a lot with anxiety. :) I will be 9w 5d.

Please pray for a strong heartbeat, a growing baby, and no abnormalities on the screenings. My blood sugar has been wacky just like it was with my last baby. It drives me insane. I usually end up on HIGH amounts of insulin before the end because it just won't stay down.

With diet, exercise and an insane amount of insulin I was able to maintain an A1C between 5 and 6 with my daughter and she was only 7 pounds. I'm trying super duper hard to eat right for this guy, but when I'm always nauseous and the only thing that helps is crackers or toast. Yeah, that's driving me insane. There are also times when I think if I don't get a piece of chocolate I will just faint dead away. I'm carb counting every bite I take right now. The Jello Pudding with Xylitol is my new best friend for when I need just a little chocolate. LOL

Thanks for all of your prayers!!

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