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Tried Shurley English for more grammar, but it's too bloated. Suggestions?


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We dropped FLL (we did FLL1 last year) in favor of Shurley English (my DS is doing mostly 2nd grade stuff) b/c the grammar side of FLL1 was going too slowly for us. We like the concepts in Shurley, but again we are skipping tons and tons of lessons simply b/c my ds gets language concepts very quickly. Usually it's time to move onto another topic way before the text takes us there, so we end up skipping lots (we're already more than halfway through the text).


Is there a more concise grammar out there that does a rigorous parts of speech training? I'm actually going back to FLL2 (missed the literature-based lessons) and would like to supplement with something that tackles grammar a bit more aggressively like Shurley does (but without the bloat!).


Thanks for the suggestions!


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I ditched Shurley last year also. I loved the idea of Shurley but waaaayyyy too scripted and slow. I should have done this last year but we just ended up finishing PLL (since we were already using it) and switching back to FLL this year. Have you checked to see if you could just skip to FLL 3? That's what we did and, honestly, I should have just done that last year. Oh well! Live and learn :lol:!

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