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I'm feeling the need to study American history. Originally I just wanted to find a spine and go from there. I haven't really found anything I'm happy with. American Pioneers and Patriots looks interesting, but I would also like more of the events of history added in. Would MFW Adventures fit this description? I'm also realizing that I just need it planned out for me. I may tweak the schedule, but I need a good starting place.


One other question: is this Catholic friendly? I'm mostly interested in the history, as we already have Bible and faith formation covered.

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What grade/age are you at this for?

I used this last year and enjoyed it up until they covered the states, then it felt like just hand them a color page. Up to this point it was engaging and dd was enjoying US History. It was a little on the light side but I just wanted exposure to key names/places/events and it was doing this. Pioneers and Patriots was an excellent book and worth having on your shelf. Science is also included but it is extremely light and we needed to add in more.


Not sure about the Catholic question. I did not notice anything biased/bent toward or against it but then I did not notice the anti Catholic agenda others say BJU has and I have used them for 20 yrs.

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Thanks to those who have posted. I had looked at Adventures in America before and dismissed it for some reason (can't remember why?).


This would be for 3rd and 1st grade (and the preschooler might tag along).

I would not use this for a 3rd grader, not as is. Maybe add in SL core D and E readers and a spine. It is easy to beef up though with library books and spreading the state study out over the entire year (2 states a week from the beginning).

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