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TV with NO audio/visual cables?

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Wow, I had no idea that even the tube TV generation produced TVs without audio/visual plugs!


A friend was giving away a 20" TV for free and since I need one for our sunroom/kitchen I thought that would be perfect. I have a small antenna and a converter box and ROKU for it.


Well, we did get the converter box hooked up as it has a cable plug, but we can't hook up ROKU because there are no a/v hookups!


This will do for a bit just for news and such, but I am bummed as I had hoped to watch Netflix through it.



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Yeah, I will keep looking.


We leave for vacation Sunday so I will just worry about it over the Holidays.


I was hoping to plug in some external speakers so that I can hear it in the kitchen......but obviously, this TV doesn't have that either.




That is a very old tv. Look around- you can almost certainly get a newer model free. If you live near me, I would give you one.
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Maybe, what is it called?


Looking at it, I don't see a cable plug, which is the ONLY thing that will connect to this TV, so maybe it wouldn't work.


Would something like this do for your tv?


I have something like this on my tv as it's pretty old.

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I think in googling that I need an RF modulator:




Question is, do I want to even bother? For $8 I guess it wouldn't hurt.


PS: ok, I see that RF modulator is in that picture. Thanks.

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