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Is this a growth spurt or something else?

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How long does a growth spurt last?


Monkey is 16½ months old. For a couple weeks, she's been eating A LOT, asking for MORE food (signing more, eat, and please as well as saying food and SCREAMING).

She also asks to go to bed several times per day.


At what point should I worry? I seriously have not ever seen a kid do this for every meal and snack for so long.

You'd think at SOME point as a toddler teacher, parent, foster parent, aunt, etc I would have encountered this if it is normal.

But sometimes not, I guess. SO I'm asking the hive!

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My dd did that. She slept as much as 17 hours a day during growth spurts and ate all day long. The bad news, I would put her to bed in footed pjs that fit, and she would wake up all curled up in them. She did that 3 times during her baby/toddler years.


If you are concerned though it never hurts to get it checked out.

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Since Monkey is a foster, is it possible that this is a growth spurt triggered by improved conditions? If the child has been in a bad situation (reduced food availability, poor health, whatever) and is now in a place with healthy food available, getting decent sleep, good health - that can certainly trigger a growth spurt.


I would expect the child to "grow out of it" so to speak - maybe a week or so.

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It could be a growth spurt, but how much is she drinking? Could she be a bit dehydrated? Sometimes our bodies will send out hunger pains when what it really needs is hydration. My other thoughts are what about diabetes? Is she thirsty all the time? How much is she peeing? I think after 2 weeks, I would take her in. IIRC growth spurts usually lasted a week to 10 days; rarely over 2 weeks.

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