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Anyone do NCFCA debate?

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Last year was our first year. Several judges expressed surprise that my daughter had written her own cases as a newbie. I didn't even have a clue that she was allowed to use a pre-written case, because our club teaches them to write their own from the beginning. We were babes in the woods. They will get better with practice, I promise. My dd can crank a case out like it is nothing now, after being thrown in the deep end of the pool last year. A lot of clubs keep everyone running the same pre-written cases until the training wheels come off. Maybe this varies regionally. I wish I could be more help!

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We have an alumni coaching, but it's her first year coaching. She's very good at "how to argue," but her admitted weakness is research/case writing. I have a lot of general experience in research and technical writing, but am new to debate. I'm trying to figure out the baby steps so I can teach them to my children (and help the other TP team we have). We are all working hard together. But no, it's not like we have multiple alumni/varsity hanging around.

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