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Has anyone checked out this writing challenge?


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http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/ is a national writing challenge for the month of November where kids and adults write a novel in 30 days.


While I think my dd and I are too late to begin this, they provide excellent free noveling workbooks to do in preparation for your story writing during the month. There are 3 levels of workbooks: elementary, middle, and high school.


You simply download the workbook of your choice in a PDF format and go. The kids type directly into the workbooks for most pages and then they have a wonderful outline to actually write a novel.


I downloaded the elementary workbook and plan to do this through the month of November with my dd, and then have her write her story during December.


Now that I know about this program, next year I'll be prepared to do the workbook in October and join other participants online in the actual challenge.

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You aren't at all too late. Just set a reasonable goal for the amount of time you have. We do it every year. There is even a social group here at TWTM for NaNoers.


So are you supposed to do the workbook within the same month you're writing the story? I only ask because my dd hates to write and it's a struggle.


I started her on the wkbk today and she grumbled at first, but seems to be enjoying the first part (her inner editor). However, the wkbk is 126 pgs, and I can't imagine her doing those assignments PLUS writing the story all in 30 days.


Can you give me some advice and tell me how you approach it? Thanks.

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You don't have to do the workbook. It's fun, and well-written, but not necessary. Someone here had a link to a Nano lapbook that we did last year with some of the workbook pages/ideas. It's just a way to get them organized and do some planning before they write. Go ahead and jump right in to a story if you want - my girls have been considering plots &characters for months and can't wait to start even though we're not doing the workbook at all this year. Some of it is meant for afterward - editing and such.

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