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Speaking of vision therapy...


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Yes, I know I voiced concerns the other day about the VT locally. I know from another page that vents are currently not popular. But bear with me. I only know to come here for understanding. I went today for the first appointment anyway. I admit I was short tempered with the girl, but I didn't mean to be. Well, ok, I lost my patience and was rude.


First, the doctor that was so great with my son rarely works with the kids now. She has passed that job to her assistants. This assistant today began with all the gross and fine motor activities that she had planned for my dd. Her current goals are for handwriting on the lines, not confusing pdbq, and identifying shapes including crescents, suns, and ellipses. When I asked about how she would be addressing the specific vision issues, she had no plan. Claims she read the file but that unless the doctor told her to address those issues, then she was just giong to teach her techniques for learning the alphabet, writing her name, and so on that needed to be learned before VT could be successful. She expressed shock that my dd could not write her name completely with out a visual model which 'is quite delayed for her age". When I confronted that with many kids are successful in VT without ever knowing how to read, she informs me that they are making an exception with my dd and never take a child 'so low developmentally and at her young age". I then confronted that with the knowledge that I know of 2 other children coming to their clinic that are younger than her, and that did not know their alphabet when they began. She says they are not equiped to work with children at 'her low level'. So I asked which clinics were equipped to work with kids at her level. She could only tell me that I needed to stay where I was as there were not many like this clinic in our state.


So, the home work she gave me was to teach handwriting using a house as a line guide. She then tells me how I MUST use 3 lined paper. When I began telling her how her OT uses HWT with 2 lines, she actually told me to stop that, but then admitted she had never heard of the program.


Then she starts on how she must do PT and OT with her for the 'whole body experience and technique that was learned in Chicago.' Yes, I get it that the whole body works together, and has to in order to be efficient. When I asked how this would complement her PT and OT that she already receives for 6 hours a week, she had no clue.


She kept going back to the 'developmental evals we did that show her delayed academic skills'. She is 5, a preemie with multiple issues, and I took her there for vision, not academics. When I finally asked how working on the academics was going to assist with her vision deficiencies, I was again told that the academics are prep work to get her ready for success in VT.


I asked if we would be using prisms or other similar things besides the patch to work on the eye that drifts. She claimed that nothing like that was in her records. Duh, her glasses have prisms. And they were prescribed there. Not to mention the patch we are using came from there as well.


OK, yes, I get it, I need to run away fast. About 45 minutes away are 2 others listed in the COVD but they do not have websites or any information. The most recognized and respected is over 3 hours away. When I call, what questions do I need to be asking to determine the best fit for us so maybe I can avoid some of this nonsense at the next place?

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Well first, you should always feel free to vent on the boards! If not here, where?? :)


As far as the therapist, the picture you're painting is of an OT who's trying to do VT. Were you the one who said their VT doc had brought that on? I don't know, but I would be just as frustrated as you are. Indeed none of what she's doing is necessary. It's her opinion and might even be a valid way, but there are other valid ways. Like you, I'd be concerned about the disorganization. And like you, I probably would have been a little hot under the collar. When we're paying the bill, we care. Don't be like me though and eat chocolate for it. I still haven't gotten that weight off permanently, lol.


So you want to judge the other options? Call and ask if they have *certified therapists*. COVD certifies therapists. That will definitely communicate something. Like you say, lots of docs are with COVD, but they aren't necessarily all doing it a lot or getting good at it. When they take the time to get their therapists COVD-certified, it communicates their commitment. After that meet them, see the room, see what you think.


Sorry about the 3 hour tour thing. I can sympathize. I can't help except to say what you already know, which is less sessions, more homework. Find someone who seems ameniable to corresponding by email. Actually, that was the first communication I had with the place we used. COVD lists emails for the docs. Or maybe the emails were on the website? In any case, I found them and got responses. That will give you a clue. Email is a fabulous way to keep connected and let them give you more assignments without constantly going in. If someone will flex and work with you, that would help.

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Wow. That is terrible.

My dd had her first VT session Monday, and nothing was asked about reading or handwriting. None of the work required reading. The only thing remotely academic was a tracking homework that required finding numbers in order, but the therapist had a alternative available if that one was too difficult for her.


If this assistant works for the doctor, I'd complain to the doctor and ask for either a certified assistant. And call those 2 other certified therapists to see if they're still practicing.


Sorry you had to endure such a bad experience.

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At the VT office DD went to, the therapist did not come up with the plan herself. She only implemented what the Dr. had listed in DD's chart each week. Since it sounds as if your office is the same, if you still have any desire to continue with this office, I would insist on meeting with the Dr. and having him/her explain exactly what the overall plan is, what the exercises are that require reading/writing and why they can't do exercises that don't require writing/reading instead (and let the PT&OT do the PT/OT things! )


However, I would have a hard time continuing with them at this point. Really, it sounds like you would get more actual vision therapy by buying the Kenneth Lane book and making up your own plan. :glare:

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