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Any photographers?

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My son has two photos he'd like someone "in the know" to tell him if are "good" by any real art value type of judgment. Maybe a little feedback in what he could have done differently? He took approx. 50 pics to get the dragonfly one unofficially called "tightrope walking on a windy day." He took probably 20 to get the storm one. These are the ones he believes are best of each group. Neither are cropped or changed. They both look so different blown up, but I don't know how to do that on here.





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How fun! Tell your son he is well on his way. I'll give you my opinion of what I see that might help:


- the dragonfly image is a bit underexposed. I don't know what kind of camera he is using, but if it has a manual setting, he wants to increase his exposure so that the dragonfly is lit a bit more and we can see more of his body detail


- also, his depth of field is really nice, but perhaps a bit too shallow. Do you see how the the base of the dragonfly's wings are really sharp and in focus? He wants to either move that focus to the dragonfly's body or increase his depth of field so that we can get the body and the wings tack-sharp.


- he's "cut off" part of the dragonfly's wings. It looks unintentional and is not generally desirable.


- the second photo is very cool. He may want to use photo-editing software to increase the drama by adjusting the contrast a bit.


Congrats to your son!

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