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s/o Autumn: Momma kicks baby?

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Today at co-op, I mentioned that Autumn had her baby. One of the moms asked me if she kicked it as it was getting up.




Apparently, there's some motivational story that mama giraffes kick their babies when they stand up, to make them fall down, in order to make them stronger/tougher/something like that.


Since I didn't see anything of the sort like that watching Autumn, does anyone know if that is actually true? Or is it an urban legend?

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Our cows will nudge their calves over to make them practice getting back up, they will do this repeatedly. So, I would assume other animals that would have to get their young ready to flee from predictors would also do it. I've never seen a cow kick her baby, just push it gently over with her head. The cow could kill the calf if she hauled off and kicked it. Those momma pack a punch with their back legs when they are mad.

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