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not perfect and I don't care!

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I'll never be a good parent in anyone's eyes and I don't care! I have people say we're too strict and we don't let our kids have fun. I have people who say we're not strict enough and let our kids walk all over us.


My kids are happy and healthy. They listen some days and other days they seem like they can't hear a word I'm saying. Some days I need them to do as I say with no questions. Some days they aren't feeling well so I let them get away with a little more.


I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. I'm going to parent the way I feel is best for my family. I will try to ignore what others feel a need to say. I pray I don't tell them to look at their own family before they give advice. :D


I'm not perfect and I don't care!


Anyone want to join me?

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