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Homeschooling on a Budget or for Free (Links)

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I have an extensive links file and after the one thread asking what one could do with little to no money I thought I would go back through my files.


I am trying to separate them by Christian content and Secular content. I thought I would post some of the links. They are very helpful if you just need some extra seat work or practice and I only post the links to items that are free.


I hope these will help and even if you don't need them some of these sites are just way cool.....:lol:


An Old Fashioned Education follows the classical style of teaching. It is all CC but it has resources that someone using secular may still find helpful.



Ignite the Fire because Real Education is Freedom has the McGuffy Readers and Primers....public domain.http://oldfashionededucation.com/


Everyone is familiar with Ambleside Online....I love this one...http://www.amblesideonline.org/


K'Nex has free lesson plan...you just need to have enough K'Nex.



Teaching Resources from Pre-K to grade 8. http://www.teachinglearning.com/freeteach.php


Free paper models for the SOTW book you are doing...castles,churches, towns and villiages....my kids enjoy this one.



This website is just fun...making paper toys...but they have a section on math and learning...check it out even if you don't have any young ones...You may find yourself enjoying making some of these paper toys.



The Math Page is great. Lessons and pages to print. You must look at this one to really appreciate what it has to offer....http://www.themathpage.com/arith/arithmetic.htm


If you are not familiar with the author Jan Brett's site....you are truly missing out on something. Her flash cards, dolce list, are not just fun but art work.....http://www.janbrett.com/


I wished I could have helped out the lady who was looking for assistance. I remembered my huge links file. I have links for just about any subject...my friends call me the Queen of Links...if you need it I can probably find it...I am trying to sort through all of them to put up on my blog....


I thought I would post a few here in case some one was looking for something.....I have upper level grades also...but tried to pick links that would help someone new to homeschooling who still isn't sure what they want to use....

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