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Unbreakable dishes???

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I have tried stoneware, porcelain, and the latest--corelle. All completely shatter when they are dropped on my tile floor. IS there anything that isn't plastic that is unbreakable for dinnerware? DS dropped 2 corelle dessert plates the other day and they shattered. It's not the first piece to be broken. I am disgusted. They are not under warranty if you drop them.


I am seriously contemplating wooden trenchers like they used in the old days. Or maybe I'll just serve the food in their hands and do away with dishes completely. :tongue_smilie::glare:

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That's what I grew up using. Are they microwave/dishwasher safe? I couldn't tell from the website.


I have an older version of those, but I assume it's just the color that is different.


They show wear. No, do not use them in the microwave. Mine have spots on them from my kids using them to reheat stuff in the microwave.

They are dishwasher safe.


They just get all beat up looking after a while. We keep them around for Grandkids peanut butter sandwiches on the porch. :)

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