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Mobile Hotspot with Verizon Wireless?

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Okay, so I was reviewing my plan today. I want to minimize my internet useage and we finally just decided that we are cancelling our internet. Nothing like paying $60+ a month for something you don't want to have.


However, it is handy for some things... Balancing the checkbook is necessary and nice and DD tells me downloading Downton Abby from Facebook on Sunday evenings is also VERY necessary. :tongue_smilie:


So, I go to VerizonWireless, because I figure adding a tablet or something to my current plan is only $30 more per month... And then I see it: Make your smartphone a mobile hotspot. Cost? Nothing.


Tell me, is this tantalizing yarn true? (Said in my best Templeton voice as we are just finishing Charlotte's Web.)



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We used a mobile hotspot overseas last year and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Even though the service was 56K, the hotspot could only handle 32 (theoretically). Skype and downloading anything video was hopeless.


I would check the download and upload rates on your current service and the new iphone.


The other issue is capacity. Unlimited wireless usage is a thing of the past. Balancing the checkbook won't be a problem - downloading movies will be. Our supposedly grandfathered, unlimited service sent ds a nastygram last summer when he started downloading Netflix on his iphone, threatening to cut him off entirely.

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Verizon is on a share everything plan so we have unlimited useage. (ETA - I'm wrong on this - the data is limited. NM)


My question is this as I look further:


I can add a tablet for $30 a month. Just owning such a thing is going to be a hassle.




I can add a modem for $20 a month. Supposedly it works like regular internet - ten times faster than 3G.


OR I can just tether/use the 3G mobile hotspot - free.


Now, I'd prefer the mobile hotspot. But I can't figure it out, lol.


Has anyone ever gotten the modem? Were you happy?



ETA - In retrospect, it looks like tethering / mobile hotspot will work best for limited situations so that we don't go over our data useage. This way I have internet if/when necessary, but not all the time. Kind of a win/win situation really.

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I found the app I needed -


I disconnected from my current internet connection and reconnected via the phone as a mobile hotspot.


It worked great. It actually was just as quick as our internet and we did download a video to see if it worked.


Obviously I am going to be limited by data, but that's really not relevant. I don't like having internet on a day to day basis. :D


Looks like this will work great for my purpose.


Free-ish internet. Imagine that.

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