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Can I/Should I take another (pill)?

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Today is day 3 off my 2nd steroid burst. The same day that I relapsed last time. I got up this morning and didn't feel great, but choked down a tiny sip of grape juice to take my Prilosec. Without the Prilosec I am absolutely MISERABLE with reflux (food mostly, not acid - not heartburn). I usually wait about 30 min before eating to make sure the Prilosec has kicked in.


Well, 20 min after taking it, I threw up. I have no idea if the pill came up or if it had already been absorbed?!? I was kind of wanting to try to eat a little something in hopes that maybe, just MAYBE I was hungry this morning and THAT caused the vomiting. But, I don't dare eat anything without that Prilosec in my system. The reflux, in and of itself, will make me vomit.


So....what to do? Do I take another assuming I threw the first one up? Or assume that I got at least enough of the first pill in me to eat? And, if I DO take another, there's a pretty good chance that I'll just throw that one up too.


UGH!! I'm so tired of this.


ETA: They're capsules if it matters.

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