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Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings question

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Would this fit better with Ancient history or Medieval/Early Renaissance? I am thinking about using this next year with dd. Would this be enough to be considered a full English credit?


I think Medieval is best. If you do ALL the extra readings (unabridged is what we did) and lots of writing assignments, it's worth a credit.


By the way, when we did it, my dd couldn't wait to read the rest of the LOTR books....pausing for unit studies drove her batty. So we did all of LOTR first, then went back and read all the unit study books (again, in their entirety). We also spent time learning the meaning of the literary devices, vocabulary, etc. I did add MCT's Caesar's English, but that's it, and I added it because my kids adore MCT.


If you use everything given, it's a full program.

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