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Would it make sense to have a thread for people to post things they're in need of?

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I know we have a FFS thread in the Sale & Swap area, but often, I don't think of things I'm willing to part with until people mention that they're in need of something. Then it occurs to me, "Hey, I have something like that and I never actually use it!" And I can offer it to that person. KWIM? So if someone is in need of, say, girls' jeans in a size 12 (which I happen to have several pairs of, thanks to my sensory sensitive DD :glare:), I would know that and could dig them out and send them over. In the same vein, I'm looking for an LfC Primer A book and would be very happy to have a partially used one, whereas someone might think that no one would ever want that because who needs a partially used consumable book?


Does that make any sense? Especially with the holidays coming and all the tight-budget talk of late, maybe people could post things they might be happy to pick up FFS for their kids, or winter items they might need, or whatever. I have a box of odds and ends I'm planning to (someday) send to Book Samaritan, but if someone here was in need, I'd be just as happy to send those things to them.


Would the mods allow it, do you think? Would people actually post on it? A lot of us are about to enter into Halcyon's November decluttering challenge, so this might dovetail nicely with that. (And even if it doesn't, don't forget that the declutterers can also post stuff on the FFS thread as well!)



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People are welcome to post on the FB group linked in my signature tag, too. There are a lotta lotta WTM folks over there. I have a FREE album set up for photos of things people have to give away, and people can post ISO/WTB posts on the wall, too (either in one post, or in a document in the Files section). You're welcome to join us!

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