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is this list confusing?!

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I am getting over a virus, with a 103 fever at its worst. Now the 2 year old has it, and I want to be ready in case the 1 month old gets it. I asked DH to stop at the store to get the following items:


juice/popsicles/etc..something to help get more fluids in the 2 year old

dinner: something the 2 year old likes...I reminded him she likes pizza

infant tylenol in case the baby gets sick too. I got directions from the Dr. today


He brought back:

no juice or popsicles or anything like that. NONE

2 pizzas, but why, when buying for a 2 year old, would you get a supreme pizza? Or a spinach and mushroom one? I suppose I should have told him cheese.

infant motrin (aka ibuprofen, which the baby is not old enough to have).




He went back to get the tylenol, and I called him to get juice too please. We will make do with the spinach pizza I guess, but she hates spinach.


how do men not know these things??? Wouldn't most women, if asked to get pizza for a toddler assume cheese, or at most pepperoni, or call to ask if unsure? From now on I'm texting, not calling.

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My dd would eat any pizza I gave her and likes spinach.


Can't help you with the rest. Sometimes we have to be very clear about what we want. It is just the way it is.


I'm hoping that since it is in pizza form she won't notice the spinach. It will probably be fine, she isn't that picky. But out of all the choices, spinach pizza for the toddler? (to be fair he knows that I like spinach, and was thinking of that I'm sure).

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sorry, not fun but LOL..been there..

I have to be VERY specific (usually show him the empty bottle/package or text him a pic)

Before kids, I was VERY sick with the flu and I asked him to get 7up (specifically) and saltines ...he got:...









Sprite (not great for upset tummy in my experience) and Ritz (DEFINTELY not good for tummy)

but he got me a dvd of some historical romance so all was good..


He probably got the pizzas cuz those were what he wanted lol

DH does that with ice cream all the time (gets his favorite flavor)

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From now on I'm texting, not calling.


:lol: My hubby does not even understand text. I had to email him the list for him to print out. I even put in the prices and store names most of the time.


Comically hubby might have come back with Pedialyte too as that is what he always hear the doctor recommend for chidlren.

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My dh would do something similarly annoying. I dragged myself to the grocery store with him this weekend, because I knew he couldn't be trusted with a list.


Once when ds1 was a baby, my mom was helping me out at my house when I was sick. Dh called home, and mom asked him to stop and get some babyfood on the way home. Dh came home empty handed, claiming the grocery store didn't have baby food.

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ROFL - I'm sorry, this made me laugh. :lol: I have to admit, I much prefer to do the shopping on my own and when I do send DH I'm super specific (get the Annie's mac & cheese with ORANGE cheese).


:grouphug: Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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Very specific instructions with no room for speculation. :)


Juice (apple in the clear bottle with the green label, X brand)

Infant Tylenol (the little box with a baby on it)

Pizza (cheese)


It took a while to figure out how to get what I was expecting, but this works well. :001_smile: Of course now with a cell phone I can just tell him to call me when he gets to the store lol.

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