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Horrible Histories


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We actually own all 3 series on disk and are working our way through series 4. Everyone loves them here!


Ariel's favorite character is Shouty Man. The other day she didn't want to use a washcloth and beginning with "Hi, I'm I Shouty Woman!" proceeded to extol the virtues of "new and improved running water, now with soap!" :lol: At least she did it while washing up.


Here's a YouTube link to a song about

is Ariel's favorite "Shouty Man" clip.
is the beginning of one of the series 4 episodes.
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My kids LOVE Horrible Histories too. Actually, at our church camp talent concert two weekends ago, my kids put together the Kings and Queens song complete with dance moves and everything. It was so much fun. I bet they'll never forget the order of the Kings and Queens of England - EVER! Even my 2yo was in on it ;) .

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