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Math questions

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My oldest will be (hopefully) finished or close to it with Singapore Primary Math 6A at the end of her 6th grade year (in July).


We are using the US editions if that matters.


She likes to be able to work independently and does math fairly slowly.


What do you recommend for a good math program to follow that?




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Singapore's next program after the primary series is Discovering Mathematics. I think it is an excellent program--I love the problems in it. But I would not call it an independent program except for highly motivated students who lean toward the mathy side. I'm putting a lot of time into it with my dd.

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Thanks for the links to previous threads, I will check them out.

I also read the blog and found it very interesting.


My dd11 is NOT mathy in any way. I am hoping to be done with 6A at the end of 6th grade.


My instinct is to stay with Singapore (I picked it because I like it, and I don't usually like changing curriculums), but it doesn't sound like it would be a good fit for her. She is very interested in astronomy so I want to make sure her math skills are solid and on track.


Question - does Life of Fred combine math with other subjects (can't wrap my brain around it)?

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