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PLATO English? vs. Potter's School

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My friend was telling me today about PLATO English.

I just looked at the Homeschoolers Buyers Coop (sp?)

which offers a discount

and looked at some samples.

I'm interested in the High School level, but the samples

all seem to be middle school level or below.

Has anyone used the PLATO English for High School?

Is it good/worth it/challenging? (It's $49 a year so it's

inexpensive but I'd like others' feedback first).

DC is a very strong reader (reading Henry VI--finished Henry V)

and writer, but I am looking for another program.

I am also looking at Potter's School (about $300 or so

for a semester course) which seems strong,

and possibly doing AP English and Composition at home.

How would PLATO English compare? I just heard about this

program today.

Would love feedback. I am looking for a strong very challenging


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you--I'll look into other English programs


I'll probably end up either at home with

my textbooks (Prentice Hall, AP English & Composition

for Dummies) and my reading list or at Potter's School

and spend the $. I might try my co-op too. There are

a couple of great teachers there.

Thanks again!

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I'm glad I could help! Look into the Great Courses when they are on sale. That's what we settled on and they have been really great especially for literature! I have never found a program that has been very good for English either so I just make it all myself using textbooks, great courses, etc.

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