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The pintos are now ready for this week and we made refried beans..........

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The consistency was different, but the taste was fresher, more depth, and yummy. The boys were a bit amazed at the dried beans, soaking, cooking, mashing process.




Oh, and dinner was the chicken boiled and the meat shredded into a casserole of rice, veggies, and cream of chicken.


The boiling water and some aromatics and a splash of vinegar are in the crock pot. There is still meat, which I may use for burrito filling. I'm thinking of some white bean soup later this week.

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I wonder if Joanne remembered to rinse the beans? :tongue_smilie:




Soaked in a (probably poisonous) crock pot all night in cold water. Drained. Rinsed. Covered again in water, back in crock pot on low. Eventually added some diced ham.


Thanks for the concern. ;)

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Laughing at Bill...


Joanne, you have a "lift" in your voice--it feels good to do the things you need to to provide for your fam, doesn't it? :D:grouphug: It's the little things--like beans in a crockpot. (Well-rinsed beans...);)


Well, Bill will say they're only half way to being well rinsed.:) I'm going to make beans this week and try it and see how they do- love pintos!!!

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