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Strep and a toddler rash?

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My 5yo started with a fever right before bed last night. She said she had a headache this morning and her throat hurt. I gave her motrin and 3 hours later her fever was still 104.4. My 8yo was complaining about her same symptoms but her fever was 100.5 after motrin. I took them both to the ER since we don't have an urgent care on town and the short strep test came back negative but the dr said with their symptoms he could almost guarantee that the 48 hour strep test would come back positive. He prescribed penicillin, lots of rest, etc.


When we got home my 11yo had a fever and has swollen tonsils with red spots on his throat. I know I need to call the dr about him tomorrow.


A couple of questions..


My 5yo's throat looks NASTY. It is incredibly swollen and her uvula is stuck to her tonsil on one side. Is there anything I can do for her? Should I address this with my ped since they are open tomorrow? I don't love the hospital they went to today.


My 18mo had a fever and was super grumpy all day on Friday but her throat doesn't look bad. She has had a little rash around her mouth but it's gotten worse. It doesn't look like the pictures of impetigo I found on the internet though. She doesn't have a fever now. Should I worry about that?


Thanks for the help. We have lots of germs going around here!

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Google hand, foot and mouth and see if that's what the spots near her mouth look like. My son recently had a throat that looked exactly like strep and we assumed it was despite the rapid test coming back negative. It wasn't until he popped up with the spots on his hands that I clued in. (All I could think was OF COURSE it was strep. :001_huh:)

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Is she (5yo) having problems breathing? If her throat isn't significantly better by morning, I would take her in. I don't suppose she would gargle with salt water?


Our dr has prescribed antibiotics for the rest of the family after one or two positive strep tests. At the very least, I would get the other two (18 mo and 11yo) tested. Does her rash look like scarlet fever?


I have had a positive strep test with NO symptoms when the rest of the family got it.

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To me the rash doesn't look like hand foot and mouth or scarlet fever. I'm going to call for sure tomorrow and probably take the other two in and have the dr take a quick peek at the two I took today. Their throats look like the typical red spotted strep pics if you google strep pics. My 5yo doesn't seem to be having trouble breathing at all.

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