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Calling Dr. Hive

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Dd has had a rash that has been moving around. She started with a patch on her leg for a few days and then she had a smaller patch on her neck that lasted a day, and now she has a patch on her face that has lasted a few days again. Dh has Celiac, but has never been tested, my mom has had bouts of excema since she was little. The last 2 weeks have been stressful due to moving and traveling. I have taken wheat out of her diet since Friday and have not seen a change in the rash. It is red with bumps and not weepy at all, but it does itch. Hydrocortizone has helped. There really weren't any changes in her diet.


Does the rash associated with Celiac show clear up in one place and resurface in another within a day or 2? How soon does it clear up after going off wheat? Dh has never had the rash only the intense abdominal issues.


Does anyone have other ideas?

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Not Dr Hive, but my dd gets something that sounds like this from sodium laurel sulfate in shampoos and soaps. She can't use Suave scented soaps or Bath & Body items, etc. We switched our hand soaps to Castile soap (like Dr Bronners) and we fill about 1/4 of a soap pump with it, then add water to the top. It is different than normal soaps/more oily. But we love that now our hands don't dry out in the winter! Yesterday I bought the bar version at Trader Joes for her to try. And we switched to Tea Tree shampoo from TJ's without sulfates. Aveeno also makes one as I am sure many companies do. We switched to free and clear type detergent as well. HTH! For her food allergy, we had to go to the doctor (her pediatrician) and get a RASP test. Turns out that was sesame and I don't think I would have thought of that in a million years. We had tried gluten and dairy without improvement! No wonder!

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