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Fashion/shoe question

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In an effort to not wear my comfy all-weather mocs with EVERYTHING I own this year, I went shoe shopping. I bought some cute boots . . .no promlem there. I also bought the most comfortable moccasins in the world.




My question is, what socks do I wear with these? White seems too contrasty. Is this one of those things where you're not supposed to wear socks? Cause I cannot be cold. Do I do the socks with the different shades of brown? Dark socks? Boot cut pants so my socks aren't seen? I really have no clue. Advise me.

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I wear stripy Carharts wool blend knee socks with mine. I have Pink/Navy stripes, Brown/Tan stripes, and a lighter pair with Maroon/Rose.


I like fun socks. I suppose you could wear solid colored socks the same color as your jeans/pants or nice warm tights that matched a skirt..... tan shoes go with most things.

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