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Facebook game suggestions?

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DH and I have been having fun playing "Words with Friends" on facebook. I like being able to do something with him even when he's gone at work. But Words with Friends is starting to get a little boring. We need a break from it.


What are some other good 2 player type games on facebook we should try?

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Not a 2 player game, but you could always try and beat each other's score on Angry Birds. :D



Maybe someday.


I've been looking around and most 2 player games have you needing to play at the same time. Words with Friends allowed a back and forth throughout the day. Is there anything else like that?

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Lexulous is a word game, but it's set up much, much nicer than WWF. There are no annoying ads, and it's much more user-friendly.


I play Bejeweled and Solitaire Blitz. While it's not a two-player game where you take turns back and forth, I compete with several of my friends for the week's high score, and you can directly challenge friends in Solitaire Blitz. You get the same game, and the challenge is to beat the other player.

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