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When your child can print neatly but doesn't


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I'm not sure what to do about this (if anything). Ds can print neatly when asked to, but when he writes on his own his handwriting is very difficult to read. His cursive is quite nice (I think because he still has to think about it and that slows him down).


It seems like part of it is that he is writing quickly before he forgets what he is going to write. Maybe he needs practice holding his thoughts in his head so he won't be in such a rush to get the words on paper? Would WWE2 help with this? He went through WWE1 last year, but we haven't started WWE2 yet this year.


I have pretty illegible printing myself (unless I am really concentrating), so I might not be the right person to really insist on neatness all the time. :blush: I have explained that I write more neatly when I am writing for someone else than I do when I am writing for myself.


Generally I don't really expect neat handwriting, but I do want it to be legible for other people. I feel like it wouldn't work to use a traditional handwriting program because he does know how to form all the letters correctly, etc, he just doesn't do it on his own. Then again, maybe the practice would be good for muscle memory or something?


If anyone has solved this kind of issue, I would love to know!

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Both of my boys (now 10 and 11) had this issue when they were 8 and 9. It drove.me.crazy. It was as if their handwriting couldn't keep up with their thoughts. We used WWE 1-4 so they knew how to hold the thoughts, it just wasn't in their nature to slow down enough to print nicely in all subjects.


If I made them slow down they had lovely handwriting, but most of the time not so much. I noticed last year that suddenly my oldest had lovely printing all of the time. This year my 10 year old is starting to have nice handwriting about 1/2 the time and it seems better as the weeks go by.


I have concluded it was a maturity and dexterity issue that required time to cure.

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My oldest has struggled with neat printing too. I found a medium level of neatness that I could read. If I am unable to read the writing he has to rewrite the assignment. This has only happened a few times and now he slows down enough to write so I can read. He is also transitioning to always writing in cursive which has really taken care of the issue for us.

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