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New School Schedule


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So I think I'm basically sharing this just so I can see my idea written out to see if it makes sense or not...


I had a nice planned schedule for each of my 5 kiddos to follow. It had everyone staying busy and the kids would work through our version of workboxes as I worked with other children... well it's not working. Imagine that!


So I'm starting a new one tomorrow. I am now having everyone work on the same subject at the same time. So we will be doing math for 1.5 hours, Language Arts is also 1.5 hours. Geography and Science will be another hour (not doing both on every day). Then we will finish up 1-1.5 hours of Other (always gotta have that Other option). I THINK those time blocks will allow us to finish everything for each subject. I'm most concerned about Language Arts... we spend a lot of time there right now but I think I may need to let some things go for now.


Now within each subject block there is still a schedule. It starts with group activities and then I work individually with the younger kids first while the olders have to stay busy with something related to the subject we are on.... I have options for them they don't have to make up things to do. Then the younger kids will have to work independently while I switch to the olders. I'll then check what the younger 2 have done and then they have choices on what to do while I go back again to the olders to check their work. I don't think the older kids will be able to finish their math work for me to check it right then... but I'll do math first every day so they can use free time the rest of the day to get it finished.


I HOPE this works!


With the previous schedule there was too much going on at once. Too many people running around and I didn't know who was to be doing what so I couldn't tell if they were on task or not. It was chaos. Plus I seemed to get bogged down with one or two kids each day and the others were neglected.


I'm currently sorting Ipad Apps by subject matter so if it's Math time they can do Math Apps and during Language Arts they can do L/A.

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I have nothing really to add, but just props for anybody who can manage to schedule work for multiple kids!! I am planning to rearrange our schedule yet again tomorrow - probably the 4th time this year???? I love everything we are using, but we have some weird interruptions in our day this year, and I'm still trying to tweak things to be efficient and to avoid pockets of dead time in the day. We'll see how the new attempt goes tomorrow!

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I'm only schooling 3 and I can't tell you how many schedules we've had this year. It's gotten to be a bit of a joke with my oldest. :lol: The last one only had me change one area, language arts. I was also overwhelmed with that area, but I'm hoping this schedule will be "the one".


Basically, each child has 4 tasks each day (K'er will have 1 or 2, depending on the day). Some tasks like math, assigned reading, and phonics are done each day. The rest will be completed 2-3 times per week (dictation, copywork, grammar, etc.). My K'er will do phonics each day and math on days 1, 3, and 5. We also have 7 family subjects each day...similarly scheduled.


I've totally given up on having a schedule with actual times of the day. We do a bit in the morning, take a break (free time, chores, etc.), read a bit at lunch time, and do a bit more in the afternoon. This seems to work well for my family, as opposed to a more rigid schedule.

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