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math for a spacial learner with possible apd

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My 12 yo who is VSL and has mild APD did well with Singapore in the early grades (grades 1-4). I struggled to find something that worked well for her after that, until I came across Life of Fred. I took one look at the samples and knew that we had to have it. She absolutely loves Fred.


She struggled most with memorizing math facts. What finally worked best was lots of oral drill with triangle flash cards until she knew the facts fairly well, followed up with Calculadder worksheets. Times Tales is wonderful for multiplication facts. Her processing speed is very slow, and I don't think she'll ever have the recall speed I'd like her to have. But the above items really helped.

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The suggestions that have been made of Singapore or Math-U-See (MUS) sound good!


My ds has an autistic spectrum disorder, so, although he doesn't carry a separate diagnosis of apd, auditory processing has definitely been a problem. We used Singapore Primary Math with him when he was in elementary and he did well with it. Its didactic approach of teaching math conceptually worked for him, and he had no problem moving into pre-algebra/algebra later. MUS, another conceptually-based program, would probably have worked with him as well, except that given his coordination difficulties, the manipulatives might have been somewhat difficult for him.


Singapore Primary Math didn't have enough math drill for my ds to master the algorithms of arithmetic, so I supplemented with a more "standard" math program as well as with Quartermile Math. But Singapore Primary Math was his primary math curriculum.

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